June 12, 2024

What is a Good Processor Speed for Laptops and PC’s?

As computers are constantly being upgraded, more powerful processors are emerging in the market that have higher speeds. This article is all about identifying the ideal processor speed for your laptop or desktop so that the decision-making part becomes more simplified whether one needs to take laptops on rent in Chandigarh for their official work or should they be alright with their existing device. Beginners can have a rough idea about processor speed by referring to the number of GHz. But for complete knowledge, this idea is not sufficient.

What Do We Mean by Processor Speed?

Processor speed indicates how quickly a computer’s CPU is able to process input data. Usually, laptops and PCs these days come with dual-core processors since 2005, before which any computing device had one core. There are even computers having 4+ cores that process data super fast and are too good for multitasking and gaming at the same time. Processor speed is related to the frequency of that particular processor which is measured as GHz. GHz if higher in value, indicates more data can be processed per second. 

What Should You Look for While Considering Laptops on Rent in Kolkata?

Before renting a laptop you should be conscious of two things – how fast do you desire your processor to be? Also, how much space does your computer have to offer? The answer to the first question can be resolved once you figure out what is the primary reason you are looking to rent a laptop. If you wish to perform lots of activities at once like internet browsing, binging on videos, running multiple applications in the background, etc. then no doubt you must go for a high-speed processor.

On the other hand, if you require a system to simply attend official conferences and process work files, edit and store them on the computer then average performing processors will fulfill your needs very well.

Why is Speed an Essential Factor?

Desktops and business laptops that are sold in the Indian market come with a minimum of 2GHz processors. This is more than sufficient as office applications never require this amount of processing capacity. However, there still remains an urge to make sure that the system never lags while employees are in the middle of their work schedule. Therefore the necessity keeps on increasing and somewhat it depends on budget and man-to-man preference. 

Many computer companies claim their devices to be the fastest, but seldom are their commitments true. As a general rule of thumb, one must be assured of the fact any laptop or PC won’t need a processor speed of more than 2GHz, given the fact it won’t be used for playing games or running super hefty applications like crypto mining apps. On the other hand for gamers, we recommend a deadly combination of intel 7th generation CPU, 16GB RAM, and an SSD.


The readers should be aware of the fact that each processor is not built the same way. It is better to avoid an older generation model if the user is willing to use a PC for some time. New generation processors are responsible for speeding up tasks dramatically.

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