July 24, 2024

TSMC: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

TSMC is a company that produces the most advanced semiconductor chips in the world. It is based in Taiwan and has been building high-quality and low-cost devices for over 30 years. They produce chips for many different electronic products, including mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS systems, and more. As of 2018, they are worth around $12 billion having produced over 80% of all semiconductors used in smartphones worldwide. 

It is important to note that TSMC is not solely responsible for this success as it was built on the back of manufacturing rivals such as NXP Semiconductors NV, Applied Materials Incorporated, and Texas Instruments Incorporated but has consistently outperformed them when it comes to sales figures and earnings reports.

What is TSMC?

TSMC is a manufacturer of chips. It primarily creates chips for smartphones, which can be seen in any good iPhone or Android phone. They competes with Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, both of which are also companies based in Taiwan.

Unfortunately, TSMC has a bad track record in regard to the environment. In 2017, they were ranked as the 7th highest polluter in the world by Greenpeace, mostly due to pollution related to the creation of mobile devices. Many claims that this is an example of how production lines have little regard for the local environment and only focus on economic gains and technological advancements rather than anything else.

What are the main product lines for them?

TSMC is primarily well known for producing chips for smartphones and tablets. Their chips are used in many different combinations of processors and circuit boards. These include the MTK, Exynos, and ARM products.

However, they have become more well known recently for producing crypto mining processors such as the Avalonminer 741. These serve the sole purpose of opening a mining rig that is used for cryptocurrency mining and are notorious for being speedier and more efficient than other traditional mining rigs.

However, with these devices come large amounts of heat and noise which may cause issues inside computers or laptops if they are not placed correctly or used correctly. In addition to this, it is difficult to ascertain whether operating these machines will cause any issues or damage to devices in the long run.

How does they make money?

TSMC is a manufacturer of chips. They use their cutting-edge technology from R&D to create innovative products that are sold to other companies. These companies then use the chips in the devices they produce and sell them for a profit. For example, the Apple iPhone X is made up of many different components, one of which is a semiconductor chip, which allows it to function properly.

In 2018, TSMC made almost $9 billion in revenue. This figure was up 5% from 2017 and was only up slightly from 2016 as well when they made just over $8 billion in revenue.


They has a strong history of profitability. In 2012, they posted $4.4 billion in profits and this number increased for the next three years to $4.9 billion, $5.3 billion, and $5.7 billion respectively, before dropping slightly to just over $5 billion in 2016.

However, 2017 saw a slight drop in their overall earnings as they only made just under $6 billion in total profit, down from the previous year when they made over 10% more profit than they had the year prior.

Their products

Their main product is a chip. They have many different products personally tailored to fit the needs of mobile companies throughout the world. From Apple, which uses several different chips in their devices, to companies such as Samsung that produce many different devices for different markets and regions, they makes sure there is a product for anyone at nearly any price point.

TSMC’s products have been used in almost all mobile devices you can name from cell phones to tablets and gaming consoles. They are used in over 80% of all smartphones on the market today. The most widely used or recognized chip by TSMC is their A11 Bionic chip that is used in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

How do you know if you have these chips in your phone?

It is usually easy to tell when a device has TSMC chips in it. As it will usually say so somewhere on the box or on the device itself. However, they make many customizable products. So there are many devices out there that just have the name of their chip. But don’t say who the actual manufacturer is. In other cases, they use a generic name for their components. Such as “chips,” rather than explaining exactly what they are made out of. 

If you are buying a new phone and want to make sure it has these components. Look for the “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China” line on the back of your phone. This indicates that it has been put together by them with parts made by them. At one of their factories and is subject to high-quality control.

Other products

TSMC also provides components for other kinds of devices, such as gaming consoles and even cars. For example, Tesla’s Model 3 uses a chip manufactured by Toshiba SDCC. Which is listed as the sixth-largest chip manufacturer worldwide. While they use a chip made by Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) in their supercomputers.

This is also one of the largest manufacturers of RFID chips. An RFID chip can be used for many things, from opening security doors to opening digital locks in vehicles. Or even allowing computers to talk to computers. 

Why should I care about them?

You should care about TSMC because they are an innovative company. That gets ahead in a number of important fields while providing excellent products and making people happy. They provide high-quality components and devices, which allow you to use your devices without any issues whatsoever. The chips they make are often referred to as “gems” by technology experts. As they are such a high-quality product.

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