June 13, 2024
Alibaba India

Alibaba India – Can Be Trusted?

Alibaba India is the leading global retail marketplace platform in the Indian market where sellers from Alibaba Group can reach out to millions of potential buyers and do business. 

Alibaba became the first Chinese company to list on an Indian stock exchange. That is recognized as a full-fledged World Trade Organization member in March 2014. It has listed its shares on the Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE since then. And according to Thomson Reuters, it’s India’s largest company by market capitalization.

Alibaba India started its operations in 2008 with a small team of Indian employees working from their office located at Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex.

What is Alibaba India?

Alibaba Group’s India subsidiary was originally named as A-Trade Platform, changed into AliExpress in 2011, and finally Alibaba India in 2014. Alibaba Group is one of the largest online value-added commerce companies globally, operating key internet services including the largest online supermarket in China, e-commerce sites Taobao Marketplace and Tmall, and leading international e-payment provider Alipay, with offerings in more than 300 cities across 210 countries. Some of the other services it offers include Xunlei Cloud Computing Network, AliCloud & Ali Telecom cloud computing products & cloud storage platforms.

Alibaba is a company dedicated to growing people’s prosperity.

How can I buy from Alibaba in India?

If you are new to Alibaba, you have to create an account at Alibaba.com by entering your address and your email id along with a password of your choice. You need to verify the email that is sent to your account address and after this, you can get started in buying products from Alibaba India.

In order to buy from them, you need to be aware of the three steps:

Business Model

Alibaba’s business model is divided into three key growth strategies that include the marketplace model, the technology & data-driven model, and the innovation & incubation model.


The Marketplace is the core of Alibaba India’s business model and it is where sellers list their products for sale.

It facilitates buyers to filter products by price and category, read product details and reviews, select the desired products to buy, and place an order.

Technology & Data-driven model

The technology & data-driven model helps sellers in developing a more flexible, efficient, effective, and scalable online store. It also helps in enhancing sellers’ productivity by providing them information about their products and customers’ purchasing patterns on a real-time basis through multiple channels. This includes tracking orders, order fulfillment and customer service.

Innovation & Incubation model

The innovation & incubation model is part of Alibaba’s development strategy that helps sellers in the research and incubation of products and services. It provides them assistance in product research and sales, marketing, branding, advertising, or distribution.

Alibaba India

Alibaba Group international have crosse the $350 billion revenue mark in 2014, and with its India operations contributing a little more than half of this revenue figure, People say that India is about to create a milestone for the e-commerce market.

Other Key features of this

You can search for products from any category by following. A simple click on the search bar present on the left portion of your screen. If you are selling products on Alibaba India. You can check the inventory and order details of your product from your seller panel.

You can find out about the top-rated sellers. For a particular category or search for a seller by entering its name in the seller search bar.

Alibaba India is one of the largest and most successful marketplaces across the globe. That provides various services like wholesale, retail, O2O (Online to Offline), etc., to millions of small and large business owners.

From its humble beginning as a trading platform for Chinese products in 2009. Alibaba’s India arm had increased its business model by launching new services. Catering to vast requirements and affordability levels of local Indian customers as compared to Chinese consumers.

What can I buy from AliExpress?

You can buy almost anything you want to buy from Alibaba India. You can find electronics, electronic gadgets, apparel, shoes, fashion accessories, electrical appliances, furniture, second-hand products, and several other categories of items. 

On an average day, the total sales amount of all items offered by them comes to around Rs 15000 crore ($2.8 billion). Which is quite remarkable when you consider that this figure had a little more than doubled in 2015-16.

Who are the sellers on this?

In 2014, Alibaba India had 2 million registered sellers who sold goods to about 25 million buyers. The average order value for buyers was around Rs. 1900 in 2013-14. What does it mean? It means when you buy a product, you get it at a very low price as compared to other e-commerce stores with similar product selections. 

From 2009, when Alibaba’s first Indian office opened in Mumbai, to 2014, when they chose the same city to launch their IPO (Initial Public Offering). They closely worked with their customers, increasing their business and enhancing buyer experience.

How is Alibaba different from other e-commerce sites?

AliExpress is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. But you wouldn’t have heard about it unless you are purchasing products from overseas. This can be because of its business strategy that is based on building long-term. Sustainable partnerships with millions of international sellers.

Alibaba India has tied up with various companies to provide payment services like PayU, CCAvenue, and leading banks. However, that include ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, and Yes Bank).

Is AliExpress delivering to India now?

In 2014, after facing legal issues with the US Trade Representative in regards to its less stringent policies on Counterfeit Items. Alibaba India changed its business model by introducing its new brand of portals – Taobao.com and Tmall.com. Therefore, in September 2015, they launched a dedicated e-commerce portal for consumers living in India called AliExpress.

What are the advantages of buying from AliExpress?

You can buy anything you want from thousands of sellers who have listed their products for sale on this portal. Therefore, it is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of goods. However, you may want to purchase at a very low price. As compares to other similar websites offering similar products.

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