May 22, 2024

Jio phone 2: The new tech phone

Jio phone 2 – All the best features of the Jio phone. Battery life, step count, network coverage and speed, Voice over LTE and a cli-hecked up implementation of an internet browser.”.

That’s what Jio co-founder Mukesh Ambani announced at the company’s fourth annual general meeting on Wednesday. The key highlight is that now the Jio phone2 will have ‘invisible’ SIM card slots for data cards and Wi-Fi calling which means Jio users can share their 4G LTE data with devices without physically swapping out sim card slots on the device itself! 

jio phone2 would also have five megapixels rear cameras and 5MP front camera with smart auto focus support.

What is the Jio phone 2?

It’s the world’s cheapest 4G VoLTE smartphone and it is available for pre-booking from August 24th. 

With the introduction of the Jio phone 2, Mukesh Ambani has made it clear that the company can bring smartphones at an extremely low price even less than USD 50! 

What features will come in jio phone2?

The key highlights of jio phone2 are- invisible slot, Jio voice calling without internet, smart camera, smart screen, mobile payments and NFC support.

Why is the Jio phones 2 making such a buzz?

Jio has around 125 million users and the company is aiming to bring in 100 million users by this year end. This can be achieved only when the price of a smartphone comes down to a range equal to that of a Jio phone. That’s why, Mukesh Ambani will not just launch jio phone2 but also introduce innovative features such as Mobile payments, NFC and Jio voice calling without internet.

Who should pre-book the Jio phone 2?

The JIO phone was lapped up by ordinary people who needed affordable access to fast 4G LTE data speeds for simple calling and texting needs.

Who is making Jio phones?

Jio phone 2 will be made with the help of google. The Jio phone2 is the cheapest smartphone in the world and there was an objective to make it as universal as possible.

Why did Google invest in Jio?

Google is investing in Reliance Jio Infocomm to meet its device needs, the company said. While it will make low-cost devices for Reliance Jio, the company has not signed any agreement with the company to manufacture devices for other telcos.

Are there any other benefits of Google-Jio partnership?

Google has essentially made a financial investment in Jio, but that money is likely to come with some strings attached. The search giant’s primary interest is in ensuring there’s one more player in the Indian market to help it better compete with the likes of Facebook and other players in the space.

What’s next for Google-Jio partnership?

The tech giant will rely on Jio to test out deployment of 5G technology in India, something that Reliance hasn’t even hinted at yet. The older 4G network can be upgraded to 5G at a later point, even if India doesn’t adopt it globally.

Jio Phone 2 is a 4G VoLTE smartphone. It has 2 SIM card slots and Jio Phone 2 comes with free voice calls, unlimited data and messages. The other main feature of jio phone is it comes with a smart screen.

How does the screen work?

The screen on the Jio phone2 can turn off, but still display notifications like incoming calls, messages, social media alerts etc. That’s possible because the mobile has some kind of a sensor that can detect. The user’s face in front of the device even when the screen is not turned on.

Are there other features on the jio phone 2?

The Jio phone 2 has 10 megapixel camera, IR blaster and dual SIM capability. It also has a fingerprint scanner and the JioPhone is also backed by a 2410 mAh battery.

What sets Jio Phone 2 apart from other smartphones?

JIO Phone 2 comes with a bunch of interesting features that set it apart from other smartphones like Wi-Fi Calling. The smartphone is packed with all the latest technologies to make VoLTE calls even in poor telecom network conditions. But most importantly the smartphone comes with built-in cryptocurrency wallet, NFC, and Android Oreo 8.

Google made Jio Phone 2

The Jio Phone 2 is being designed by Google, which has invested Rs 22,000 crore in making this smartphone. With a special chip to support faster LTE speeds of up to 100Mbps. Jio Phone will carry all the applications and services that run on top of Android (Google Play Store apps).

What does the tech giant Google get from its new partner in India?

By partnering with Reliance Jio, Google can monetise its interests in India’s e-commerce and digital payments. On the other hand the new partnership will help both companies test out their new technologies.

The company hasn’t disclosed any details on how much it plans to charge for Jio Phone 2.

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