June 14, 2024
Ram Charan Teja

Ram Charan Teja: The mega power star

Ram Charan Teja is the mega power star, who has succeeded in everything. He has done his own business and become a film actor with one of the most powerful careers in India. His fans and followers are tens of thousand in numbers. Ram Charan Teja is a multi-lingual actor and dancer who started at a very young age respectively. Now he is an A-list celebrity, who can do everything wonderfully like other celebrities around the world. Born on November 5th, 1983, he makes the lives of people better by his performances as well as works done by him as an entrepreneur. It is not like every sixteen-year-old youth has such opportunities in his life. He has achieved a lot of things through his efforts, hard work, and success. His fans have always supported him from the beginning.

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Ram Charan Teja: Career and awards

The mega power star is one of the most successful actors of India who started his career with very low budget films and now he is working in multi-million dollar films as well. He is a talented actor who has done many stunts with giants like Nagarjuna, Balakrishna, Mahesh Babu, etc. He is making it big in the Bollywood industry with his great performances, dance, and very good looks. Ram Charan Teja has done many successful films like Maa Mahal, Andala Rakshasi, Ullasamga Vilaiya Magala, Chaar Din Ki Chandni and many others.

He has done very well in the movie industry and he will continue to work properly. He is going to release a Hindi film titled Little Big Man which has been directed by Nani. This film is based on RK Narayan’s novel ‘The Little Big Man’ which was written in 1966 by RK Narayan. The story is all set to release in 2017. Ram Charan Teja himself has bought the rights to this novel. He is going to make it big with the help of the other talented actors. Nani, Samantha, and Kajal Aggarwal have been cast in this film which will be released in the summertime of 2017.

He is also going to work with his dear friend Dakshayani, which will also be directed by Nani. The producer of Ram Charan Teja Dakshayani said that this movie would be shot for a long period and she herself had told Ram Charan Teja about his character, his look, dialogues, and everything. Dakshayani added that Ram Charan Teja will play the role of Dakshayani’s husband in this movie in which he is getting his first Telugu release.

The Little Big Man is a simple story about the parents who are struggling to support their children at a time when there was no money and then after seeing that the adult son got married and had children, they abandoned the little daughter and son with full confidence that the society would help them.

Ram Charan has taken this responsibility of his film well and he has also given his usual energetic performance in this movie.

Ram Charan Teja, who is a very energetic person and tries to keep his body fit, has made his own clothing brand named Chirag Aladdin. Chirag Aladdin, who makes dressing easy for the people, is specially made in India. The dress comes in different patterns and styles. Ram Charan Teja’s wife Priyamani has also worn these dresses and the brand gained popularity among ladies’ ladies. We can see that these dresses are available on online shopping sites as well as offline shopping stores in India and throughout the world. Ram Charan Teja, who is a fashion king, is going to make the world’s latest fashion trend which will be liked by people.

Businessman and philanthropist

Ram Charan Teja is doing his own business and he has the first rights on all his films. He is running his cinema theaters in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Teja has more than 30 theaters out of which he owns 13-14 theaters in the Hyderabad and the Telangana region of India. He also made an agreement with an American company to start 3D theater as well. Ram Charan Teja’s business is going to be a big thing and we are sure that he will achieve his goals as a successful businessman. Ram Charan Teja has been giving a lot of money to the needy and other fields. He has always helped the poor people who are in need and these are the kind of people he wishes to fulfill and make happy.

Ram Charan Teja

Ram Charan Teja: Quick Facts

Name Ram Charan Teja Date of birth 5th November 1983, aged 35 years Place of birth Hyderabad, India Height 5′ 8″ Weight 123 lbs (56 kg) Occupation Actor, singer and dancer Star sign Scorpio Ram Charan Teja Fan Club Ram Charan Teja Fans Club Fanmade club:

Ram Charan Teja has been named in the list of the biggest and best celebrities of Telugu cinema. Therefore, he has got the maximum publicity on social media, television, and print media. Ram is a very kind-hearted actor who respects his fans and followers. He is a great dancer, who can do all kinds of dances with no difficulty. He is an amazing actor who has done more than 180 films to date and this is the record of a single actor in India that no one can ever match up to. Ram Charan Teja is a mega power star and he made sure that he will always work hard for his fans. He has never let them down and this is the reason for which he is loved by so many people around the world.

He has great fan clubs in India and cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, etc as well. Ram Charan Teja’s fans are growing day by day and there will be more people to join the club. If you are a true fan of this amazing actor, you must have to join his fan club to make him happy. We can see that he is very popular amongst the people who are loving him. He has a dedicated fan club in many countries like the USA, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. If you want to be a close follower of Ram Charan Teja then you can start your own Fanclub and support him as much as possible through sharing with his fans on his official social media accounts and through showing appreciation to him for his hard work by liking his posts.

Ram Charan Teja is a private person who does not get too much time to meet with his fans. He wishes to keep himself away from the public but still, he enjoys meeting his fans and keeping them happy. We can see that Ram Charan Teja loves his fans so much and he cannot do anything without asking his fans if he is able to do something for them.

His Fans

Ram Charan Tejas fan club members can also get a chance in meeting him. By applying for a fan meet events as well as autograph sessions which are organized by the Fanclub members. They have to collect the tickets from the fan club members to meet the actor. One of the tickets is for you to get an autograph from him. One ticket is for you to take a picture with him. He would just sign on your body or any paper that you bring with you. But he will not pose for any selfies. It is Ram Charan Teja’s way to respect his fans.

Ram Charan Teja was born in Hyderabad. Though he has spent most of his time in Hyderabad. Ram also grew up in Chennai and recently in Mumbai as well. He left school when he was 12 years old as his father went bankrupt at that time. His family moved to Hyderabad and they started living with their relatives. While studying in school, he has always involved in some of the other sports. Therefore, he had always been interested in acting and dancing. As a child, he even won many prizes for his good performances in dancing competitions.

He has got a lot of interest in sports as well. When he was a child, he used to play a lot of cricket and all other sports as well. He even got trained in martial arts. His father has played a huge role in his life. Therefore, it was him who advised Ram Charan Teja to pursue. His an acting career supported him throughout his way to becoming an actor.

Ram Charan Teja started doing small roles in television series when he was 16 years old. He won the best music dancer award for the serial Priya O Priya when he was still very young. He has done many films with Chiranjeevi. Ram Charan Teja has worked with many big stars like Venkatesh and Salman Khan.

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