April 14, 2024

Live cricket betting tips that will make you pro

Cricket is among the most watched games in the world, next to soccer, with more than 2.5 billion people playing. With plenty of betting opportunities, as well as bets, both betting enthusiasts and sports fans should be aware of how to bet on a cricket game. Live cricket betting tips will help you win big.pg

In this article, let’s outline the different types of betting on cricket and the various betting options available, as well as how to determine betting odds and strategies to place bets on cricket and be successful. Live cricket betting tips will be very helpful in playing live bets and winning.


Reading Cricket Match Odds

Reading typical cricket match odds is not different from a similar sport. A money line bet, or simply predicting the winner of the match, is the most sought-after strategy for betting on cricket. The odds of betting on a money line in the course of a cricket game would appear like this:

Australia -200

South Africa +170

The odds above are listed with American odds, in which the favorite is given the less (+) while the odds for underdogs are listed as a plus (+). In the example of the scenario above, if one placed a bet of $100 on the underdog with +170 odds, South Africa, and they won the bet, the player would earn $170 (getting back the $100 stake plus $170). If a person were to place $100 on the favorite, -200, Australia, and win the bet, they would earn $50 (getting back $100 of their bet and an additional $50).


Other formats in which odds are presented include decimal odds (1.9), in which the potential profit is multiplied by the stated odds or fractional odds (3/2) that represent in a proportion the amount you could win to what you need to bet.

To determine the amount you could be able to win, or convert between different odds formats, look up the odds calculator.


How to Bet on Cricket and Win

Like any sport, success in betting on cricket goes to the basic premise of knowing how to place bets on a cricket game. The knowledge of the game, the players, and the formats of competition are crucial, but if you do not know the betting options available in sports betting online format, it’s difficult to be successful in betting on cricket and be successful.


Match Winner

As previously mentioned in the previous paragraph, a bet on a money line on the winning team is the most popular betting option in cricket, as are many other sports. Certain sportsbooks permit you to place bets on the draw or draw based on the tournament format. Additionally, you can find “double chance” cricket bets which are a very popular soccer betting style in which the bet is on a team’s ability to win or draw.


For novice bettors or those who just want to be casual, betting on the winner of a match is a simple way to make a bet on the game and also to put bets in on what the game will take home a win.


Innings Runs

Betting on the number of runs that will occur in an inning is a common method that people use to bet on cricket matches. The bets can be placed on the exact number of runs that will occur in an innings or bet OVER or UNDER a forecasted number of runs set on an online betting site. In certain formats of cricket, such as T20, in which there are two games, each team is only batting only once. In other formats, there are more than four innings where the teams alternate bats.


First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting

If betting bettors wish to bet on a rapid outcome, they may bet on the outcome of one of the balls or the first over in a cricket game. Certain betting websites offer the odds of cricket to bet on the specific outcome of the initial ball (a six or four, wicket, and so on.); however, most simply show either an UNDER or OVER the total for the ball that was the first and one over.


Player and Team Total Cricket Betting

Like betting on the number of innings or first ball/first-over outcomes betting on the total number of runs that a player has scored, or the total run by the team participating during the game. Books determine the totals of the players and sides that fans can bet either OVER or UNDER.


For certain players, books will also indicate the probability of a player reaching 100 runs (100 runs) or a half-century (50 runnings) as an additional total bet. Certain books will also provide the possibility of betting on the total amount of runs that an opening pair has scored.


Live Cricket Betting

Many sportsbooks allow live betting, where players can place bets on a variety of formats mentioned above during a game. Alongside the constantly changing chances for traditional formats, live cricket betting in-play can include unique formats such as how the ball will be played out following ball or over, and also provide opportunities for those looking to place bets on cricket in different ways.


How to Win With Cricket Prop Betting

The prop bets for cricket allow the players to place bets on game-related events which don’t impact the outcome of the game and allow you to diversify your betting on cricket. Based on the type of game or format, betting markets could have dozens of prop bets on each game, but the ones listed below are the most sought-after cricket props available for those who are looking for ways you can place bets on cricket to be successful.


Coin Toss

You can bet the side that will be the winner of the coin toss that begins a cricket match. Some books let fans bet on which coin will prevail, either heads or tails.


Top Batsman/Top Bowler

People looking to bet on cricketers instead of results or events from matches can look at top bowlers or top batsman props. The top batsman bet could be based on which player will have the highest number of runs, or perhaps which team the top scorer of runs is from. The top bowler bet would focus on which bowler is going to get the most wickets during a game.

Most Sixes

Similar to the Top batsman, professional bet gamblers could bet their money on what team or player has the highest number of sixes in a game.

Cricket Events to Bet On

Like other games, international cricket offers numerous tournament formats and tournaments that occur all through the year. People looking to bet on cricket matches must first determine the style of game and format they would like to bet on.

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