July 10, 2024

Get All the Exciting Cricket Updates in One Place

Cricket has been one of the highest played and followed games in the entire world. The first most followed game is football and cricket is second. The fan base for cricket in India is high as 13.63 crores. Those numbers speak for themselves. The fan base of cricket in the rest of the world is as high as 2.5 billion. 

This sport can be played by everyone who wishes to play it. This is unlike the olden days when this game was only meant for rich gentlemen with etiquette and manners. That is a lot of boundaries and restrictions for one game. Now things are not even close. People from all walks of life and ages can freely play this game wherever they want. 

You can always see kids and teenagers gathering on streets or colonies and playing cricket together. People play this sport at picnics, and the parents of the kids often join them too. There are no boundaries as to who can play this sport and who can’t. 

Moreover, the bigger reason why there are so many fans of cricket in India is that the Indian Cricket Team has been representing the country so well in international tournaments and matches. India’s debut in the ODI match was way back in 1974. If we look at the number of matches played by the Indian Cricket Team since 2019, they have played a whopping 533 matches. 

There are many reasons why cricket is a comfort sport for us Indians. It can be either because we see our parents and grandparents talk about this game ever since we are kids, or it starts to mean something to us. Other than that, this game is very simple and can be played anywhere. All you need is a bat, a ball, and a wicket, and you should be good to go. 

Where you are is the least of your concerns. Thousands of people place bets on cricket matches every day to make the game more interesting and fun for them or to make money from the matches. This game is full of thrill and adrenaline rushes. It can be easy to get completely invested in this game in no time. 

It can also be thrilling because the game can change in no time. One moment your favorite is doing their best, and the opposing team can defeat them out of nowhere. 

Cricket Updates for You Today

Something or the other is always happening in the world of cricket, and hence we never run out of the latest cricket updates. The cricket updates are better than ever, with the T20 Asia Cup not too far away. Let us look at some of them. 

  • Upcoming Years Seem to Be Packed For the “Men in Blue.” 

The FTP Cycle, aka The Future Tour Program, which is for the next 5 years, seems to be more than packed for The Indian Cricket Match. It is planned that the Indian Cricket Team will supposedly play more than 130 international matches in the upcoming years. 

The International Cricket Team will also be playing 60 T20s and 40 ODIs. However, none of these matches will be with Pakistan due to political conflicts and reasons. In the FTP, India was supposed to play 694 international matches, but in the next FTP, it will be 777 international matches. 

India will also be playing 5 test series with Australia and England as the opposing teams. In addition, the most important part of the FTP is the Border-Gavaskar Match Series. Wasim Khan, the GM of cricket, said that he was incredibly thankful to everyone who came together for the making of the FTP cycle. 

  • Chetan Sakariya meets Australian Legend Glenn McGrath

The next cricket update we have for you is Chetan Sakariya, 24, who has recently impressed everyone, including the audience and the team members, with his game in the IPL. 

He has also already played 2 IPLs and 1 ODI. That is a lot of achievement in such a short period. He might not be completely ready to step into the bigger world of cricket, but he sure can be seen as an asset for the future. 

Currently, Sakariya is sharpening his skills and training at the MRF Pace Academy and is being trained by none other than the 52-year-old Australian Cricketer Glenn McGrath. Sakariya took to his Twitter handle, where he spoke about what an honor it is to be training under the guidance of the legend himself. 

This training is teaching him so much about the sport. It is a wonderful experience, he said. It is safe to say that we can see Sakariya be a great player with greater skills in the future.

  • KL Rahul is More Than Happy to Be Back

KL Rahul was on a break for two months due to a severe injury, and he says he is happy to be back on the field and added that injuries and setbacks are part and parcel of what we do. We have to be okay with it. He also said that getting wickets was very important, but I am happy to see that the bowlers played very well and with a lot of discipline. He talks about his long break in rehab, where he was recovering from his injury, and he said that it gets boring and monotonous after some point. He would much rather keep playing than be in rehab again. 

Wrapping Up

So, these were the latest cricket updates that we did not want you to miss out on. Seeing the Indian Cricket Team play matches all over the world and win so many matches is a pride to all of us, and it will continue to be so. Even if they do not win, it is a true bliss for us to see them give their best and make the most out of what they have. 

So, these were some of the most exciting and informative cricket updates which would have provided you with all the details about the recent popular matches. 

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