July 24, 2024

The legendary rivalry between Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe

Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe are some of the best tennis players ever. Right now you can find out the best online football odds provided by 1xBet, and this website also has excellent rates when it comes to tennis wagers.

Both players were part of the tennis circuit roughly at the same time, and they were the protagonists of one of the most legendary rivalries ever.

In face to face terms, the period between 1977 and 1991 saw Connors and McEnroe playing against each other a total of 34 times. 20 of those matches were won by McEnroe, while the other 14 were claimed by Connors. Now find out the best online football and tennis odds on 1xBet, where you will have the chance to wager on great matches of both sports.

Head-to-head records

Both Connors and McEnroe held the number 1 ranking of the ATP at certain moments during their incredible careers. It is also worth noting that after their respective professional retirements, there were a few additional matches in the senior tennis circuit. Visit now https://1xbet.in/line – sports bettings is offered on the best tennis competitions in the entire world.

Let’s dissect how matches on different kinds of tournaments between both legends looked like:

in the Grand Slams, McEnroe won 6 matches against 3 of Connors.
in Masters Grand Prix, McEnroe won 2 matches against none of Connors;
in WCT finals, McEnroe also won 2 matches against 1 victory of Connors;
finally, in ATP International Series matches both players were tied with 10 victories each.

It is also quite impressive that Connors won the first four matches played against McEnroe. But as previously said, McEnroe was capable of turning things around. You can make sports bettings now at 1xBet on its fantastic tennis section, where the most talented players are featured.

Turning the series around

The first victory for McEnroe came in January 1979. Yet, it should be noted that he won after Connors retired due to an injury. Still, it was the first turning point in this legendary tennis rivalry. You can find live tennis scores, live streaming & TV schedules – 1xBet has all those features and much more on their great tennis section.

Things were 4-1 in favor of Connors early in his face to face records against McEnroe. After his retirement which resulted in his rival’s first victory, he won two more matches, bringing the record 6-1 in his favor.

Things became tied 12-12 in 1984. Before that point, both players basically alternated on which matches they won. However, after this moment, McEnroe won seven consecutive matches and put things 19-12. The 1xBet website has live tennis scores, live streaming & TV schedules, and those features can be enjoyed by all members of the platform.

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