May 22, 2024

Hyperfund the new way of investment

Hyperfund is an innovative business model and venture platform that was created to allow the most promising entrepreneurial endeavors to flourish by providing them with support and funding. Utilizing a unique algorithmic approach, Hyperfund only invests in those companies that are capable of quickly generating substantial social, environmental, or economic benefits for humanity.

This is revolutionizing the way people think about investing in businesses. We do not look at entrepreneurs as someone who has a risk of not fulfilling their promise but rather as someone whose success can positively affect society if given the resources to fulfill their potential.

What is Hyperfund?

Hyperfund is a new way to invest. We look at entrepreneurs as people who have a risk of not fulfilling their promise but rather as someone whose success can positively affect society if given the resources to fulfill their potential.

There are two types of businesses that are funded by Hyperfund: Social enterprises and Transition initiatives. The primary difference between these two businesses could be considered “social good” or “economic good”.

What is this investment?

Hyperfund invests in unique businesses that are currently “in the middle of their life cycle” before they have made an impact on society or the economy. We believe an entrepreneur’s most critical period is at “the beginning”, so we look to invest exclusively at the point where a business can be impactful. Consequently, this views investments as a “crowd-funding campaign” for social or economic good rather than a traditional investment or venture capital process.

Basically, we do not invest in any business that has reached its prime and in order to succeed others will have to fail. This is why our focus is on helping entrepreneurial ventures make it through their most critical point of potential. Once a venture makes it through this point, they are able to provide their own support and do not need additional funding.

What is the difference between this and other crowdfunding platforms?

Hyperfund is fundamentally different than the crowd-funding platforms that exist today. Our focus is on success rather than failure. For instance, Kickstarter focuses on projects that have large social impact but there is always the possibility of failure when investing in a project. We believe in providing a way for entrepreneurs to truly succeed while also providing investors with security and profit if they are successful.

How you can invest with this:

We offer two ways to invest with Hyperfund: “crowd-funding” or “private investment”. Since our primary focus is on helping promising entrepreneurs succeed and provide their own support, our crowd-funding model is the most appropriate for investors.

What is a crowd-funding campaign?

“Crowd-funding” refers to an online fundraising campaign in which a project or venture needs funding to succeed. The typical business model for such a campaign usually entails forming a team or board of advisors, creating a prototype or video, filing various relevant forms with the government, and raising funds from individuals who believe in the project. Once the money has been raise, the venture files its business plan with local authorities who may then grant them a license to operate.


Funding is usually requir to begin operations and it may be necessary to seek loans in the future. The average duration of the campaign is 3-6 months and can stretch into the following year due to significant planning, legal, administrative and regulatory requirements.

What is private investment?

Private investment is an investment made by a single investor. The most common types of investments are equity, debt, and mezzanine financings. Private investment can be made in any business or real estate asset regardless of the stage it is in. I have some concerns about this new model for funding businesses.

What are your concerns?

We understand that our model is difficult to understand and some people may have concerns about the lack of regulation or “trust”. They believe this is not a valid concern given our unique vetting process and the extensive experience that we have on the team. We at Hyperfund are positive innovators who are confident that we can construct an economy based on innovation rather than speculation.

What is your vetting process?

We use a proprietary algorithmic approach to identify businesses that are worthy of support. Basically, we look at the market and see what products or services it needs. Once we have identified an opportunity, we send agents to investigate the venture’s management team and its business plan.

Once our agents have had the opportunity to evaluate the management team. They vouch for it based on their past experience, and interviews with others in the industry. And other information that has been gather from previous investigations. After all of our agents have signed off on a specific venture; it’s time for us to move on to our final step in our model: HyperFund dynamics.

Is this fund legit?

Hyperfund is not a typical crowdfunding platform. This is design to fund ventures that have the potential for success. A multitude of our agents will interview management teams and assess their plans. Furthermore, the algorithm we use to identify the best ventures has been developing over the past decade. We believe our model has been perfect. And are confident in our ability to make wise decisions. That will help entrepreneurs succeed while making money (and social impact) for investors.

What are their dynamics?

Hyperfund dynamics refers to our distinctive method of helping ventures succeed. First, an investor will be able to invest throughout an entire venture’s life cycle. Rather than just at its early stages. This means that investors will have the ability to use their capital to help different ventures succeed. Second, we look at the venture in an “as-a-whole” manner. Therefore, we will not be moving forward or backward in the entrepreneurial lifecycle for individual ventures.

Is this a cryptocurrency?

No, Hyperfund is a crowdfunding platform that can fund any business or project. The model that we use will provide investors with the ability to invest in multiple ventures rather than just one. This approach allows for a diversity of investments and profits. It also means that the entire venture will succeed or fail together.

What are your future plans?

We are looking to expand into different industries and areas of the world. Where entrepreneurs are unable to get funding due to a lack of access or credibility. Furthermore, we hope to be able to provide other services. To assist these ventures in order for them to truly succeed.

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