June 15, 2024

How Can You Do Well in Class 11 Biology?

How Can You Do Well in Class 11 Biology?

Many students are there who have different preferences when it comes to subjects. Even if you like some subjects, you may find them challenging and really difficult. Indeed, it is going to be really crucial how you prepare for a specific subject for a specific class.  

Now, Biology of class 11  or class 11 biology ncert is quite important for students who are aspiring to become doctor. In fact it might interest you that nearly fifty percent of Biology questions that get asked in different Medical exams of the country are from class 11.  It is quite important for Medical exams such as AIPMT, AIIMS and other types of state Medical entrance exam.  You know what, various students opt for Biology thinking that it is asomewhat easy and interesting subject. But after witnessing or walking through the vast syllabus of class 11, they incline to realize that it is going to demand some sort of hard work to get really good marks in this subject.  Indeed, hard work is one thing, you need to do timely smart work too when it comes to subjects like biology.

There is a massive difference in syllabus 

Syllabus of Class 11 Biology is absolutely different if you compare it to that of class 10. Students going for Biology after passing class 10 Board exam from the board of CBSE mostly discover it really difficult to deal with it initially. But students must not fear from it. Biology is a massive interesting subject only if you invest some time in it. Some students even get poor or shallow marks in it only because they simply take it for granted or at times because of overconfidence. You must forget your past accomplishments and should focus only on studies and nothing else.  Once you do it consistently, you will reap the results you desire.

How should your study routine be?

You know looking at the syllabus of class eleven Biology, there are many students start fearing from this subject that ultimately leads to their ruin or bad academic performance. To do well or excel in this subject you require to respect and love this subject. Without interest as well as dedications you cannot simply do well in it. Prepare notes of every single chapter that would definitely aid you during final examination or that of your Medical entrance exam. 

Here what you can do is you should definitely leaf through attentively the NCERT book of class 11 Biology.  It is because it is really written very well. Once you study this book regularly and note down crucial points carefully, you would find things simpler and concepts much understandable. Remember Human Physiology, that of Plant Physiology and even Cell are the most significant units from class 11 Biology, not just for the final examination but even that of for the Medical entrance examinations. You must need to pay special attention on the diagrams as they are often asked in the test. 

What about coaching or Tuition?

Well, it is not always recommended to go for tuitions for Biology in class 11. In fact I it would be good if you prepare Biology through self-study. Consult your teacher or other professionals to solve your problems. Attend Biology classes regularly in school. Moreover, Whether neural control and coordination or any other area of this subject, once you study well and use the right material; you would do really good at it. You can find easy to understand and quality material from some good platforms  like Infinity Learn  for you. However, if you feel that things are getting too tough for you, it would be fine if you take a short time coaching or assistance. After all, eventually it depends on how much you can concentrate without constant professional assistance.

Prepare notes of Biology

You should definitely prepare notes of class 11 Biology. In class 12 at the time of preparing for the Board exam, you will not be going to get enough time to study class eleventh Biology. In such a situation your performance in the Medical entrance exam is going to be affected. But via use of notes you can swiftly prepare maximum number of chapters for diverse competitive exams. Biology notes are also going to help you during final tests of class 11.  Moreover, once you have the notes in hand at the time of exams, you would find it really convenient for you to walk through the difficult areas. You can do really good at all the areas and there won’t be a problem to score well. So, you must maintain a good quality of your notes so that you can count on them when the time is less and you need to leaf through important segments of this subject.


To sum up , whether neural control and coordination ncert or anything else; your performance in class 11th biology would depend a lot on your overall prep. 

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