July 24, 2024
DND filter

What is a DND filter?

DND filter is an innovative solution to help you make smarter decisions about what to do with your digital relationships. It’s a small but powerful tool that asks you one simple question: “Do I want to talk with this person?”

The DND filter is designed for people who care about how technology and communication is shaping their lives. It can be used for all sorts of things. Like limiting the type of notifications or alerts you get from friends, family, and coworkers. You can also use it to break up with people digitally by blocking them from your social media feeds.

What is a DND filter?

A DND filter can be viewed as a personal data configuration tool. That gives you more control over the information you share. While it sounds like a new and crazy idea. Many people already use something similar as part of their daily routines.

This kind of behavioral change is called digital decluttering, a term inspired by Marie Kondo’s global bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Kondo inspired millions with her central message: if something doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. By applying the same principle to their digital relationships, people can gain back precious time and mental space while also having more awareness and control over what they share with others.

How check DND activated or not?

  1. If you have already activate it, it may be hard to check again, if that is the case, then Google Play or Play Store will show an option to remove DND.
  2. The app is now pre-install on your device. DND can only be activate on a device that you personally own. And have used for at least 24 hours after purchasing the app (24 hours of constant usage).
  3. You don’t need to enable DND from each user’s profile – all you need to do is enable it in one profile to use the filter everywhere (in case you want to filter your contacts list and when someone calls, SMS or emails you).
  4. It is necessary to do the fresh setup (re-install the mobile application) if you wish to deactivate DND in your device.
  5. In case you want to activate DND, it’s better that all your family members should be using this app on their devices too.
  6. The DND filter may not work with some third-party applications like Whatsapp, etc, and other peer-to-peer communication apps. As these apps did not work with the filter initially. Therefore these should be avoid while using this app.

What is DND scrubbing?

DND filter

DND scrubbing allows you to control what your contacts see. When they contact you via SMS or on your “private” number. You can choose to hide, mark as spam, or report either all messages. Or certain phrases in your “private” contacts’ messages.

How can I know my DND number?

If you have already set up the DND filter on your phone, you can see your DND number by going to Contacts > More options (in Android) or by going to the Profile page (in iOS).

Can I use DND with multiple devices?

Yes, the app can be use on compatible mobile devices. But only one device should have DND activated at a time. After activating it on one device. You will be able to see all your contacts from that device as “DND activated” on other devices as well.

How do you do a D&C scrub?

  1. When you receive a new SMS or other messages from someone. You can mark that particular contact as “DND activated” (if not already selected), or “UnDND” (you may unmark it later).
  2. You can also do this from the Notification Options page (in Android), Notification Settings page (in iOS)
  3. This setting is apply to all your contacts who are on your DND list. And will be visible to them as “DND activated” on their profiles. They can still see your notifications. But won’t be able to reply directly to you through the app. Or through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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