June 15, 2024

Detailed Guide to Understanding what carbon 60 is (c60)

Detailed Guide to Understanding what carbon 60 is (c60)

The cosmetic world is going crazy since the discovery of carbon 60 supplement a few years back. The range of merits being sourced from the compound make them very crucial for both health and cosmetic improvements. It works through neutralizing the free radicals and hence averting oxidation mainly by donating electrons.  It has not only been proven to be essential for human but also pets as you will discover during your research. All a consumer ought to do is pay attention on how to get the best quality C60 from the market today by finding the most reliable seller. Before diving into a lot of details on how it works, you need to understand what C60 really is and how revolutionary it has been since its discovery. 

Define C60, what is it?

C60 is also referred to as carbon 60 and is a group of carbon atoms which when together combine to form fullerene molecule also known as Buckyballs. The nickname is derived from the scientist called Buckminster fuller whose domes highly resembled the molecule. C6o is an authentic molecule that can be made on a graphite lab through the vaporization of graphite. This in turn leads to formation of new bonds resembling a ball shape that is called the molecules. The team of scientist and experts that made this great discovery for humanity was awarded the Nobel Prize for the same in 1996. 

Why do I need C60 supplements today?

C60 has received mixed reactions in the market today with some criticizing it for the potential damage to cell structure it does. The supplement has however been laboratory tested and approved for human and pet consumption for the wide range of benefits that it comes with. Highlighted below are some of the common benefits of using C60 oil today that make it a household name around the world. 

  1. Used for skin care therapies

C60 has a lot of therapeutic help for the human skin as your research will show you. It has the capability of protecting your skin form the harsh UV rays from the sun that cause the skin to dry, crack and even experience sub burns. There are skincare products that rely on C60 to augment the acne fighting ability in gels. You only need to adhere to the usage instructions when applying it on your skin for protection and improvement.

  1. Radiation protection 

C60 has the power to safeguard you against different forms of radiation and electromagnetic frequencies. Initially most people exposed to radiation had to settle for using iodine however it can never be fully relied upon to cancel the potential side effects. C60 alternatively makes it easier to be protected against electromagnetic stress and exposure to radiation when you use it as guided by the seller. It is considered a buffer against both radiation and EMF and with more research a lot of its capabilities will be uncovered. 

  1. Improved brain functioning 

The compound has further been proven to develop your cognitive functioning by improving your memory ability. C60 prevents buildup of plaque in the brain mainly due to the amyloids especially in brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Rather than watching a loved one suffer from recurrent memory lapse and losses, find the ideal C60 seller to shop from and make the situation better for them. C60 can now be made water soluble thanks to numerous discoveries in the past few years making it ideal in boosting your cognitive function. 

  1. Protection from allergies 

Did you know that C60 has a rather high electron affinity? This means that it is easy to attract and gain electrons from the surrounding molecules which can help in fighting of allergies in the body. C60 is only used for fighting allergies because after gaining electrons it neutralizes the free radicals that can be very unhealthy for your body. When used in the right amounts, C60 can help offer protection to the nerve cells in your body against damaging oxygen elements.

  1. Mitigate oxidative stress 

Oxidative stress is a condition that is caused by an existing imbalance between the production and the accumulation of the oxygen reactive species majorly in the cells and tissues of your body. It affects either positively or negatively the ability of the biological system to engage in full detoxification of the same. Since C60 is an anti-oxidant, you can count on it to help you with the detoxification of the reactive oxygen species in your body to stabilize mitochondrial energy production and efficiency. 

  1. Relief for Alzheimer’s disease 

C60 fullerene discovery has been a ground breaking move in the fight against Alzheimer’s diseases today. Its use allows your body to counter the aggregation caused by beta-amyloid proteins. It is furthermore crucial in the degeneration of pyramidal neurons found in the hippocampus. Alzheimer’s diseases patients can now enjoy some relief provided they adhere to the dosage and usage instructions as guided by their doctor or seller. 

  1. Promotes healthy weight loss 

One other reason why C60 has gained massive headlines over the years is in its contribution to weight management programs. A lot of people are trying to be fit and live healthy which means dropping the extra weight and calories weighing them down. It is instrumental in the reduction of inflammation in the body as it also addresses the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance common causes for weight gain. When combined with the right weight loss procedures, it can be very effective in taking you to your desired body weight. 


Having gone through the several benefits of using C60 today, pay attention to those that you buy the product from and also how you use the product. Like most other products, C60 may have a few side effects that you must be aware of before you commence using it. You can definitely find these details out from checking the reviews of past users and how it fared on for them before you make your decision as a consumer. 


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