July 24, 2024

The incredible 1986 European Cup Final

When Barcelona plays the final of any tournament, most of the time it has the chance of winning it. Fans can visit the online betting sites Pakistan – 1xBet bookmaker features all kinds of wagers on these decisive matches.

However, the Catalan team has been shocked on many occasions by teams that seemed to be complete underdogs who had no chances. That’s exactly what happened in the final of the 1985-86 edition of the European Cup. Against all odds, Romanian team Steaua București defeated the Spanish giants. The 1xBet Pakistan bookmaker offers great online betting sites in which Romanian football matches are also available.

Reaching the final

On paper, Barcelona was far more powerful than Steaua București. However, the progression of both teams throughout that edition of the European Cup prior to the final already gave a few things that a surprise could happen. The current iteration of this cup is the UEFA Champions League, and you can make live bet online on 1xBet on all its matches.


Steaua had won all their series before reaching the final stage with certain comfort. The teams defeated by the Romanian team were:


  • Vejle;
  • Budapest Honvéd;
  • Kuusysi;
  • and Anderlecht.


Barcelona, despite having a seemingly more powerful team, had quite a lot of trouble to defeat its opponents before reaching this match. You can make a live online bet on 1xBet on all contests played by the powerful Catalan team.


Out of the four series played by Barcelona, two of them were decided by the away-goals rule. They were the first and second round series against Sparta Prague and Porto respectively. In the quarter-finals, the team defeated Juventus for an aggregate of 2-1. In the semi-finals, they needed a penalty shoot-out to defeat IFK Göteborg from Sweden.

The Hero of Seville

The final match between Steaua București and Barcelona was played on the 7th of May 1986 in Seville, Spain. Before any other decisive European football match, you can visit http://www.1xbet.pk/lottery and explore the interesting lottery games available.


The contest was mostly dominated by Barcelona. However, the Romanian team put up a very strong resistance in order to prevent goals from their rivals. Their defensive lines were so good that the team ended 0-0 after 90 minutes. An extra time period was also played with the same result.


Everything had to be decided from a penalty shoot-out, and these kinds of definitions are also present on the 1xBet online bookmaker. Here is where the legend of Helmuth Duckadam, who was Steaua’s goalkeeper, was born. He blocked all shots of Barcelona’s players, helping his team to win this series 2-0, and lifting their first European Cup trophy in their history.

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