June 13, 2024

List of Games that Indians can play online

Are you missing the good old game night? When we gather at home, sit at the table with friends, play a few board games, and drink a soda – you can now do that online! We have picked out some games on the internet that Indians can easily play online with their friends.

Satta Matka 

Kalyan Satta Matka was formed somewhere around 1950. The people then bet on the closing and opening rate of cotton. Then, the tradition reached the Cotton Exchange Bombay via electromechanical devices from the New York Cotton Exchange. When the NY Cotton Exchange ended it in 1961, gamblers started utilizing chunks of paper to carry on this gambling business. First, players need to check Matka charts before playing; they can find official Matka charts at this site. After that, they write Matka gambling numbers (0 to 9) on pieces of paper. Then, they place the papers into a Matka. Finally, they assign the job of selecting a piece of paper from the Matka and declaring the winning numbers.


The popular card game “UNO” is now available as an app! The card game has new rules, tournaments, and challenges in the app. You can play it in the classic UNO mode and entirely new rules. You can play “UNO” against your friends in the app, but you can also team up in “2 vs. 2” mode. Here you get to the game in the App Store or the game in the browser.

Fleet Battle – Sea Battle

Everyone probably knows the concept of the classic game ” Fleet Battle – Sea Battle”: Guess where your opponent’s ships are and sink them! The classic is also available in a digital version for use at home. In multiplayer mode, you can play against your friends. Click here for the app in the App Store.


In the paid app, the game board comes alive with the game of “Monopoly”! You can find the game for $5.49 in the App Store. Buy, trade, and sell to win! The popular board game is now available for mobile phones and tablets. You can play the Hasbro game alone or with your family or friends. You can find the game here.


You can now play the board game “Mill” for free on the iPhone and iPad. By forming so-called mills, i.e., three stones in a row, you have to remove as many opposing rocks as possible from the game. You can also block the opponent through clever, strategic action so that he can no longer make any moves. Here is the game.


The horror survival game Deceit is a good mix of Among Us or Goose Goose Duck and Friday the 13th. The game allows innocent and infected people a variety of ways to win and, among other things, enables numerous exciting game rounds through the use of weapons and equipment.


The survival game Raft gets by without any horror. Together with up to 7 other people, you build a raft, acquire resources, experience adventures and try to survive.

Sea of ​​Thieves

If the watercraft can be a bit bigger, you can go on a pirate ship in Sea of ​​Thieves. Together you will visit treasure islands, fight in sea battles and meet monstrous sea monsters.


If you and your friends are more into role-playing games, you can live it out with GTA V or Rust. In the online mode of the games, you can complete challenges together or invent entire stories that you live out in the virtual game world.

Mario Kart

Racing games like Mario Kart bring plenty of speed to your virtual game night. However, since the classic game is tied to the Nintendo Switch in online mode, you can alternatively use racing games such as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled or Speedrunners.

Castle Crashers

If you want to rescue a princess outside of the world of Nintendo, Castle Crashers is a good choice. There, four of you can fight your way to as many princesses.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you’re more interested in shooters, CSGO might be the right choice. The strategic first-person shooter has been very popular for over 20 years and can be played in teams of five people, among other things.

Worms WMD

The artillery game Worms WMD is just as strategic, in which you compete as a worm against others and defeat them with a lot of tactics.

Golf With Your Friends

Virtual sports can be fun too. At Golf With Your Friends, you try to score a hole in one in the online tournaments with up to 12 players on different maps.

That was our list of the best games young Indians can play online. If you have a favorite you want to add, please leave us a comment.


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